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AI Movie Reviews

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Hearing more and more about the fact that the robots are coming, we decided we better brush up and find out what real is going on in this space.  We’ve (thankfully) been hectically busy lately and decided our research would start with a review of some of the TV and film productions in this space. […]

Telling a Good Data Story

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Stories, being told them and telling them, has been part of who we are, literally from the day we were born.  We probably all have a favourite story teller from published authors to an uncle who tells the same tales every Christmas, but hooks you in none the less.   So think for a moment about your […]

Seven Additional Skills for Marketers

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Over my career, the definition of a Marketer has changed, but I’m not sure when.  It seems like every year there are more and more skills expected of contemporary Marketers.  I’ve reviewed these skills and discussed them with colleagues.  Here are the seven skills we think you need to master, on top of being a […]


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Consumers are sharing more and more data and expect a greater level of personalisation as a result.  So how do we keep up?  Segmentation is one route to split the customer base into meaningful groups to target with more relevant marketing messages. There are many ways to approach segmentation.  The customer base can be segmented […]

Data Protection Day January 28th

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Data Protection can often be the most challenging part of Data Management.  According to Redman (Data Driven, Harvard Business Press, 2008) data concerns are growing as the volume of data we use is growing.  “They [data concerns] stem from the exponentially increasing abilities of organisations to obtain, share and analyse data in new and perhaps threatening […]

What does the future hold for data?

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Last night I was part of a panel at DIT which included Claire Carroll from Rightside Media and Robert Quirke from Brand Action International.   We were asked to speak about the Future for Digital Marketing and despite no pre-collaboration, we all agreed that the future is now. Look around you, there has never been a […]

Data Storage is Growing

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It’s a fact: Data Storage is growing!   Sometimes I struggle to get my head around the volume of data we are generating these days. Robert, one of our insightful analysts came up with a plan to help me. He researched the increase in data storage over time and worked with Aisling Griffin at Tree […]

Data Protection Day January 28th, 2014

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Seriously, there is a Data Protection Day!  On January 28th 1981 the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automation Processing of Personal Data (Convention 108) was signed and this day is commemorated to raise awareness of data protection and privacy issues. Events will be happening all around the world to encourage people […]

From Flightfest to Datafest

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My young cousin facebooked me a couple of weeks back to ask me to take him to Flightfest.  I was quite chuffed that he asked me, teenagers are very discerning about which family members they’ll be seen in public with.  I called him to get some more details and had my perception of where I […]

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