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Data Storage is Growing

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It’s a fact: Data Storage is growing!   Sometimes I struggle to get my head around the volume of data we are generating these days. Robert, one of our insightful analysts came up with a plan to help me. He researched the increase in data storage over time and worked with Aisling Griffin at Tree […]

Companies doing great stuff with data

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There were 5 very different presentations from the DMX in Dublin on March 12th that were each underpinned by an exciting data story.                 1. Data underpinning a strategy rebrand  Kenny Jacobs of Ryanair is tasked with making the Ryanair brand more likeable.  Tough job but I was […]

7 Golden Mash Ups from the Dublin Web Summit 2013

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I’ve been a Dublin Web Summit attendee for the last three years and wear the badge with pride.  There is an incredible energy that descends on the RDS and at the same time there’s a chilled vibe about the place.  The beauty is that everyone has a different Summit experience depending on the blend of […]

Getting to the Heart of Big Data

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I was reading Bits blog from the New York Times on Searching for the Origins of the term ‘Big Data’ (worth a read, by the way) and was relieved by the fact that this search was not easy and has not been conclusive. In the blog, Steve Lohr describes the term as so generic “that […]

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