Data Reviewstock38

A data review helps teams get the best out of their data and we believe in getting the basics right – so we’ll start by providing you with an independent assessment of your data and its usability.

Our Datalytics data review will provide you with a clear and simple set of suggested process improvements that will immediately deliver a greater return on investment to your business.  And remember, your current data doesn’t have to be complete to be valuable.

The review will cover points like:

  • Do the skill sets exist in-house;
  • How the data can be cleaned and added to;
  • Does the toolset place limits on what your data can tell you?
  • What are some of the trends hidden in your data?

Working with an extract of your data to unearth strategic insights that will give you the confidence to move your contact plan in the right direction to drive more out of your marketing spend.


Analytical Support

stock26We aim to make data feel less overwhelming and ‘ugly’ to non data users so there is comfort with the data being at the heart of decision making. Datalytics can help clients to grow data insight capability within their teams.

These reports can be used to support Operations, Sales, Compliance and Strategy in managing the customer engagement. Reports can tailored for you to update internally or we can provide them regularly for you.

We’ll make sure the right analytics tools will be used for the complex challenges but for others we try and keep things as simple as possible.



Strategic Planning

With a solid data driven marketing plan you’ll have confidence where you had hunches, know the right levers to pull, and most importantly, you’ll gain wider business credibility.stock18

Building a marketing strategy based upon deep customer insight can give you a powerful competitive advantage. Bringing all possible data concerning interactions with your customers into a single marketing database is essential to unearthing the insights that will drive your business forward.

We’ll develop a road map to engineer the optimum marketing database, bringing all of the data into one place to create a single customer view in a fast, cost effective way. We can identify the added value that segmentation and models can bring to enhance the return on investment (ROI) of the database.

Ultimately a sound strategy can be built to deliver more relevant and meaningful marketing communications and feed into developing products, services and offers that customers will value.




We will take an extract of your customers’ transactional data and build the relevant suite of models to segment the customer base, identify customers in need of retention activity and prompt the next sale through propensity modelling.

stock17This will help you identify:

–  Which customers should you increase contact with, and which should be rested on your communication plan?

–  Which customers and prospects may be interested in which additional products and services?

–  How do they want to be reached?

Analytics around customer acquisition, customer servicing, relationship development and customer retention can help answer important questions like these. Once the models are tested and validated the scores will be reloaded back to your database to be used in contact planning and campaign.


Services and Capabilities

Our techniques range from initial database building to more complex mining, rigorous data analysis and modelling with the common objective to increase customer engagement through strategic communication.

  • Database Buildingstock24
  • Single Customer View
  • Data Mining
  • Propensity Modelling
  • Segmentation
  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Planning
  • Social Media Listening
  • Customer Behaviour Analysis
  • Response Analysis
  • Channel Optimisation
  • Profitability Return on Investment (ROI)



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