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Datalytics Holiday Interview

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Over the summer I’ve watched the rest of the team hand-over their projects and head off on their summer holidays.  I’m not taking my break until September and with no real plan in mind, I’ve asked the guys what they like to do on long and short holidays to get some inspiration.

What were the teams favourite holidays abroad, at home and favourite summer treat?


RobRobert: My favourite holiday destination is Italy. I’ve been there a few times visiting both Rome and Florence. The warm weather, Italian food and the historical sites are my favourite attractions. The Colosseum, Altare della Patria and the Vatican and a number of museums in Florence are my top spots to visit.

My favourite holiday in Ireland is Galway. It’s a great place to go with friends and enjoy the restaurants, bars and live music in the city centre.

That’s a tough choice but if I was reaching into the freezer right now I think I’d grab a Cornetto.






Alan Alan: That would have to be Japan.  Japanese and Irish cultures are very different and so it was a bit of a challenging holiday, always thinking, always taking it in.   I visited both Tokyo and Kyoto which showed contrasting lifestyles from the hustle and bustle of the city to the calmer more peaceful atmosphere of Kyoto.  I met some interesting people and it is a trip I will always remember!


My favourite “Staycation” is Achill.  My parents took us there as kids and so I know the place really well.  Back then the trip started with a goody bag in the back of the car … I think it was intended to keep us quite, but with four young boys, let’s say the journey was perhaps a bit much for my parents!

You can’t go wrong with a nice Honeycomb or Chocolate ice-cream, or sure even both.





RobbieRobbie: My favourite holiday abroad was in Crete, with my family. There was a heatwave at the time it hit around 40 degrees, even the locals were complaining! The Greek architecture and quaint small villages we visited made it completely different from anywhere else I had been. I’ve found the locals were so friendly and welcoming! The food, drink, tours, and boat trips were all amazing and ridiculously cheap! The fact that we got all-inclusive in a posh hotel didn’t hurt either!


My favourite Irish getaway is Fanad Head in Co. Donegal. I try to escape to Fanad once a year to and stay in a holiday home facing out over the Atlantic Ocean. Fanad is a real hidden gem and has some of the best beaches in the world. Although you have to be lucky with the Irish weather to fully enjoy the beaches and the countryside, the views alone are breath-taking. One activity I would definitely recommend while in Donegal is going fishing!

Favourite treat in the sun.. A 99 with sprinkles and strawberry syrup!


beach Irish Coast



RyanRyan: It’s not very Summer-y, but I’d have to say my favourite holiday was a ski trip I went on to New Hampshire when I was in school. Wasn’t the most relaxing trip I’ve ever been on, but it was definitely something a bit different to lounging by the pool.


I went on a surfing trip in Bundoran back in November and it was honestly the best weekend away I’ve ever had. We stayed in a hostel that operates in conjunction with a surf rental business so they were able to sort us out with what we needed to get out on the water each day, and hosted some brilliant parties at night. Great music, great people, great craic – highly recommend it

Orange Calippo. Always.


Skiing Surf

24th August, by Datalytics

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