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Datalytics Holiday Interview

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Over the summer I’ve watched the rest of the team hand-over their projects and head off on their summer holidays.  I’m not taking my break until September and with no real plan in mind, I’ve asked the guys what they like to do on long and short holidays to get some inspiration. What were the […]

7 Reasons why Volunteering is therapy for your Soul

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According to, volunteers in Ireland have contributed over 470,000 hours and over €10 million to the economy (  Volunteering opportunities are wide and diverse, so there is pretty much something for everyone.   I imagine if you surveyed a sample of these volunteers, they would not think about the hours or the money though.  […]

AI Movie Reviews

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Hearing more and more about the fact that the robots are coming, we decided we better brush up and find out what real is going on in this space.  We’ve (thankfully) been hectically busy lately and decided our research would start with a review of some of the TV and film productions in this space. […]

Telling a Good Data Story

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Stories, being told them and telling them, has been part of who we are, literally from the day we were born.  We probably all have a favourite story teller from published authors to an uncle who tells the same tales every Christmas, but hooks you in none the less.   So think for a moment about your […]

Seven Additional Skills for Marketers

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Over my career, the definition of a Marketer has changed, but I’m not sure when.  It seems like every year there are more and more skills expected of contemporary Marketers.  I’ve reviewed these skills and discussed them with colleagues.  Here are the seven skills we think you need to master, on top of being a […]


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Consumers are sharing more and more data and expect a greater level of personalisation as a result.  So how do we keep up?  Segmentation is one route to split the customer base into meaningful groups to target with more relevant marketing messages. There are many ways to approach segmentation.  The customer base can be segmented […]

Putting the Extra Day to Good Use

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Over the weekend, I spent a little bit of time reading about why exactly we have this extra day every four years.  I remembered learning in school that it is to do with the earth’s rotation around the moon, but when and how did it get introduced? Why do we need leap year? According to […]

Waiting For JOMO

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I was chatting with a friend the other day who expressed a yearning for JOMO, the joy of missing out.  By degrees he is peeling himself off social media and looking forward to some committed conversations with his pals, ones where they make eye contact and respond in that age old art of conversation.  Without the […]

Data Protection Day January 28th

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Data Protection can often be the most challenging part of Data Management.  According to Redman (Data Driven, Harvard Business Press, 2008) data concerns are growing as the volume of data we use is growing.  “They [data concerns] stem from the exponentially increasing abilities of organisations to obtain, share and analyse data in new and perhaps threatening […]

A Web Summit First Timer

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Day 1 Day one of the Web Summit kicked off with Paddy Cosgrave giving an opening speech on the very impressive looking Centre Stage. I moved from Centre to Enterprise and over to Sport – there was a lot to cram in.  One important tip I was reminded of is when data overrules popular opinion.  […]

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