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Tribes by Seth Godin

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Why I Read This Book

As this was my first book for our book club, I decided to pick something that would keep me interested and would be relatively short and easy to get through. Of the books we have in the office Tribes seemed like a good place to start so I picked it up and got started . . .

Tribes by Seth Godin

Quick Summary

In this book Seth Godin writes about some of the many tribes that exist in the world today. He defines a tribe as a group of people who are connected to each other, to a leader and to a shared idea.

Godin uses a number of brands and companies as examples as well as other people or groups with a following such as musicians and athletes. He explains that a leader in this day and age must be passionate, not afraid to take risks and embrace new ideas and technology and they must communicate openly and honestly with their tribe.

The one big thing that Godin tries to get across is it’s more important to reach a passionate audience than a large audience, because a passionate tribe, no matter how small, will spread the word.

What I Learned

Although this book isn’t going to change your life I would still recommend reading it as it’s an enjoyable read and it won’t take too much time to get through.

It contains some interesting ideas and it really got me thinking about the tribes that exist all around me and the ways in which they interact.

As a music fan and a football fan I’m a part of some of these tribes myself and I interact with them or spread the word every time I post a comment on a football blog or play an album that I love for a friend.

Also, being in a marketing related job it got me thinking about how a passionate tribe is an invaluable asset for anyone who provides a product or service in this day and age.

Reading this book will definitely get you thinking about the tribes you’re a part of and it also gives some helpful advice if you would like to lead a tribe of your own.

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