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Getting Sh*t Done by Niall Harbison

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Entrepreneur Niall Harbison’s new book – Getting Sh*t Done – is an interesting blend of honesty and inspiration.  Harbison takes honesty to the point he tells  readers that he wrote parts of the book in the loo and I think the greatest inspiration comes from the accessible way he tells his story.

Running a business regularly presents many challenges, but as if that wasn’t enough, Harbison sets himself another challenge in writing the book.  He signs up  to social accountability by telling his Twitter followers that he will write the book … and then he has too!

Much publicity surrounds the book and again very honestly, Harbison claims to have written the book from three key motivations:  he did not rate existing  business books; he wanted to show previous teachers who had written him off as ‘stupid’, that he was in fact very clever; finally he wanted to share his  entrepreneurial tips and tricks.

I have ready plenty of helpful, insightful, powerful business books, so I can’t say I agree with Harbison’s first motivation.  Maybe we need to swap reading lists!    That said I do value the content of his book and have recommended it to others.

The guy is far from stupid and perhaps it’ll make some teachers stop and think about all of the forms of intelligence children and teens possess, rather than  confining them to the ‘stupid’ pile and damaging their self-confidence.  Harbison’s experience at school is far too familiar, I have many friends and colleagues  with similar stories.

As for his tips and tricks for starting and running your own business … this was the bit I really needed.  My business is almost four years old and I have been through some ups and downs, but overall am phenomenally proud of all we have achieved at Datalytics.  Reading this book though, let me know it was and will be ok to worry about certain things and has given me inspiration and ideas for the next chapter at Datalytics.

Have I done anything differently since reading the book?

I’ve deleted some social media apps off my phone … they were a form of escapism when I didn’t want to get to the next thing on my’ to do’ list.

Next up, I’m planning a better blend of my work life balance by taking his inspiration for working from cities abroad.

True to his honest approach Harbison, critiques the book as not being a work of literature, but if you can see past this, I bet you’ll change at least one habit to get more sh*t done!


28 January, 2016 by Tara Grehan

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