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Emarketing Excellence – Dave Chaffey

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Emarketing Excellence

About the book

This book is a practical guide to creating and executing e-marketing plans.

It’s useful for students of both business and marketing, and marketers involved in strategy and implementation who want a thorough yet practical grounding in e-marketing. The chapters comprise plenty of examples, checklists, summaries, case studies, practical tips and insights.

e-CRM Chapter – Quick summary

I found the e-CRM chapter most useful – here’s a quick summary. Researchers found that 80% of customers will never come back to an organisation after a bad customer experience, up from 68% in 2006. Considering also the fact that the people can now communicate much easier with each other via blogs, social media and forums, giving reviews about the products they used and sharing their experience, companies should take a lot more care of their customers. Keeping existing customers is far more profitable than acquiring new customers.

The authors give a great explanation of relationship marketing – “developing longer lasting relationships with people who ideally develop into lifetime customers” and the benefits of using CRM and e-CRM to manage this dynamic relationship.

The best relationships are those where both partners feel they are equal and can build respect for each other through mutual understanding. From the customer’s point of view it means that the relationship, and communications in particular, are:

  • relevant
  • tailored
  • interactive

Getting to grips with the e-CRM system will enable an organisation to better understand their customers’ needs and make the engagement more relevant and tailored. This will increase the message cut through. I’m not prone to DRAMA, but I enjoyed the way the authors use this mnemonic to illustrate the importance of Dialogue, Relevancy, Accuracy, Magic (always get to delight and amaze customers) and Access.

What I learned:

E-CRM draws on the basic principles of CRM, relationship marketing and database marketing and helps organisations to connect with their target audience at a more one on one level. They are able to keep the customer engaged and develop a good relationship with them. I’m an analyst, I get the importance of data and systems and sometimes fail to see how organisations can overlook this … I’m going to continue reading to get an insight into why CRM implementation are not always successful. I’ll keep you posted!

19 September, 2014 by Anca Comsa


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