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Measuring Marketing, by John A. Davis

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  It’s that time of year when the summer holidays are beginning to wrap up and the air of ‘back to school’ is setting in.  We are busy working with our client teams to figure out what we need to do in the final quarter of 2016 to drive more business and at the same […]

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

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I bought this book up at the airport on my holidays last summer.  Sitting in a café in Budapest one wet rainy afternoon I got stuck in.  Then the weather picked up and the reading slowed down.  ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ got left behind and I only got around to properly reading it in the […]

Getting Sh*t Done by Niall Harbison

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Entrepreneur Niall Harbison’s new book – Getting Sh*t Done – is an interesting blend of honesty and inspiration.  Harbison takes honesty to the point he tells  readers that he wrote parts of the book in the loo and I think the greatest inspiration comes from the accessible way he tells his story. Running a business […]

Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss

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About the book I was always a fan of grammar and it was one of my favourite subjects in school, but I wanted something to remind me how to use it and the importance of it. I grew up in a different country where English is a foreign language to study and the punctuation is […]

Emarketing Excellence – Dave Chaffey

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About the book This book is a practical guide to creating and executing e-marketing plans. It’s useful for students of both business and marketing, and marketers involved in strategy and implementation who want a thorough yet practical grounding in e-marketing. The chapters comprise plenty of examples, checklists, summaries, case studies, practical tips and insights. e-CRM […]

Data Driven by Thomas Redman

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Why I read this book The phrase ‘data drive’ is becoming more and more popular these days and while I thought I’d a good handle on what it means for a business to be data driven, I wanted to brush up on my understanding. A friend recommended Thomas Redman’s book and I’m delighted she did! […]

Contagious: Why Things Catch On

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Why I Read This Book I first heard about this book while reading a blog post on where it was mentioned and referred to as an “excellent book”. The title of the book instantly had me interested and after seeing that it got plenty of positive reviews online I decided to get a copy […]

Tribes by Seth Godin

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Why I Read This Book As this was my first book for our book club, I decided to pick something that would keep me interested and would be relatively short and easy to get through. Of the books we have in the office Tribes seemed like a good place to start so I picked it […]

The Purple Cow by Seth Godin

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Why I Read This Book Before I read the book the unusual and catchy title made me think of a story about a cow with superpowers.  This turned out to be not too far from the truth because Seth Godin’s book is actually about a superhero cow with the power of making things outstanding! Quick Summary Marketers […]

Welcome to the Datalytics Book Club – Nudge

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Welcome to the Datalytics Book Club Welcome to the first review of the Datalytics’ Book Club!  We will be reading and reviewing a range of books covering data, marketing, customer engagement and a few other interesting topics along the way!  We hope the reviews will either encourage you to read up on a topic or […]

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