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Planning a Data Strategy

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So you’d like to use data more in 2016 It’s that time of year when we have our heads buried in spreadsheets trying to plan 2016.  How did we do in 2015, what do we want to do again and what are we going to...

Are Insights a Gut Feel or Can you Follow a Process

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Creative Thinking

At times, working with data is very structured, organised and led by a process.  But that’s only half the story.  To garner real insights from a data set, you need a lot more than numeric skills.  You need to understand the context of those numbers,...

6 Questions to ask when writing your Data Strategy

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We are regularly asked ‘where do we start’ by marketers and business managers who are keen to engage more with their data and drive out some results. Depending on where the organisation is in terms of its data life cycle we will make very specific...

Things are changing

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Companies that use analytics

We were chatting in the office earlier in the week about how much things have changed around Christmas celebrations. We questioned whether these were real changes or nostalgia playing tricks on us and so Anca, ever the analyst, looked up some things that have changed. Here’s...

What does the future hold for data?

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Last night I was part of a panel at DIT which included Claire Carroll from Rightside Media and Robert Quirke from Brand Action International.   We were asked to speak about the Future for Digital Marketing and despite no pre-collaboration, we all agreed that the future...

Three Elements of Improved Data Quality

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According to Experian Data Quality’s latest research, inaccurate data has a direct impact on the bottom line of 88% of companies, with the average company losing 12% of its revenue. Data quality is the foundation for any data-driven effort and in order to organisations will...

From the Box Room to Baggot Street

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Datalytics is three years old this month and its true, time does fly when you are having fun! I can’t believe I’m three years working away on this one already. At times it still feels new. I never really had a desire to be self-employed...

Data Storage is Growing

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It’s a fact: Data Storage is growing!   Sometimes I struggle to get my head around the volume of data we are generating these days. Robert, one of our insightful analysts came up with a plan to help me. He researched the increase in data...

Companies doing great stuff with data

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There were 5 very different presentations from the DMX in Dublin on March 12th that were each underpinned by an exciting data story.                 1. Data underpinning a strategy rebrand  Kenny Jacobs of Ryanair is tasked with making...

Spring Cleaning Your Data

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Spring cleaning your data

Despite this crazy weather we’ve been having, I decided I could not put off the spring clean any longer.  I made the most of the sunshine on Saturday morning and retreated indoors later in the day.   First I set about tidying the garden, weeded...

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