Our Story

Datalytics was founded by Tara Grehan in 2011 after realising a need for more advice and direction on data management for client-side Brand and Marketing Managers. The team has grown to five and one thing we all share is a love for the power of data. Our vision for Datalytics is to become one of the most respected data analysis and customer engagement companies in Ireland.


Our Approach

We work alongside clients and other agencies in a partnership approach to get the results you want.  We will quickly learn about your business and bring to the table fresh thinking and offer practical, commercially targeted actions. Our maxim ‘turning insights into income’ ensures we remain focused on improving your profits.

  • Need to strengthen retention with existing customers?
  • Need to deliver an optimum welcome communication to new customers?
  • Want to check in with lapsing customers just in time to win them back?

We help companies develop ways to listen and respond to the needs of customers and the employees who serve them.  We work in collaboration with clients to grow data insight capability within the client team. Our service combines analysis and technology to provide you with a better understanding of your customers’ behaviour and motivations and to develop more effective marketing plans.

What makes us different is our analytical techniques produce robust intelligence on which you can confidently base profitable decisions.



Our Team

We are a small, focused team of proven marketers who know how to extract critical intelligence from raw data so you can make profitable decisions.


Tara Grehan, Managing Director

Tara Grehan has worked in Marketing both agency and client side for 18 years now and has enjoyed a variety of roles from Market Research and Customer Insights to Change Management.

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Jennifer Rhodes, Data Consultant

Jenny has over 12 years of experience of data analysis and customer insights in Direct Marketing.

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Robert Grehan, Senior Data Analyst

Robert Grehan, Data Analyst, is focused, enthusiastic and always looking to learn something new. He has always been interested in technology and has a Cisco CCNA and a Fetac level 6 in data networks.

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Robbie McElwaine, Data Analyst

Robbie McElwaine, Data Analyst, began his career in Market Research and from this developed a passion for marketing and all things digital.With qualifications in sales and marketing he soon realised the connection between data, marketing and customer engagement.

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Alan Lawless, Data Analyst

At Datalytics, Alan focuses on getting the data into the right shape, ready for analyses.  His attention for detail never lets him down, he can spot errors and anomalies from the distance.

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